In this post I’ll share my initial explorations with blackwork. This past weekend I got stuck with another project, as I’m missing a particular type of floss. I’ll share more on that project later, hopefully when the reordered missing floss arrives.

So to fill the time I started my first blackwork project. Originally I had thought I would’t like it, as it lacks color (other than black), so had never started any such projects. However when I was at the RSN last month, one of the ladies in class was working on a blackwork piece and it looked stunning.

I explored Mary’s Needle ‘n Thread site for a suggested blackwork project and ended up Liz Almond’s site dedicated to blackwork.

Blackwork journey
Blackwork journey

So here are my first stitches of Liz’s Save the Stitches sampler. It consists of 24 blocks, similar to the one I nearly completed below, so it’s not a small piece by any means.

And you know what? Not everything is black, you can see some blue stitches in there also! Originally they were supposed to me metallic threads in silver and gold, but I found the metallic threads I had on hand were too heavy in comparison to a single strand of DMC black (310). Hence I subsituted with different shades of DMC blue, since the background fabric is also an icy blue color.

I’m not sure if and when I’ll ever finish the 24 blocks, but is a nice stitch sampler while waiting for the threads for the other project to arrive.

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